First Line Covid-19, Emergency Department Organizational Management within Epidemic or Pre-Epidemic Outbreak Areas

Applying heuristic techniques to solve future problems
While the numbers continue to grow and the news reports on the COVID-19 crisis continue to fill all the information channels, some general pieces of information we have gained from our experience seem to be stable.
Our public health service and our emergency care facilities have found themselves facing an enormous and "unexpected" task, despite the fact that the virus had been present for several months before the first confirmed cases were reported.
This is why it is now extremely important to share a perspective that comes from the actual experience of those who were the first to be at the center dealing with the uncertainty of a crisis.
The virus has moved beyond the human limits, yet the response it has elicited is showing everyone that the Emergency care units are filled with great people and professionals, who are doing their duty to the end by sacrificing a large part, if not all, of their own lives. It is the example of men, women, doctors and nurses like these that attest to the value of our profession.
Salvatore Manca _ President of SIMEU
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